Commercial Video

In 2014, after years of enjoying video production for personal projects, I undertook a more dedicated regimen of self-teaching in writing, directing, and production. With short, ad-hoc production schedules, I was able to execute every aspect of the work below.


Pop-Tarts: Tart-Con

As one of several directions offered to the client, Tart-Con is a (as yet) fictional convention I created to promote and serve the passionate international community of Pop-Tarts enthusiasts. This ad campaign chooses four convention participants to follow in a run-and-gun mockumentary style.


Tart-Con: Chris

Tart-Con is a (as yet) fictional convention created by Bingaman to promote and serve the passionate international community of Pop-Tarts enthusiasts. Chris is one such enthusiast.

Tart-Con: Luke

Luke, longing for his first romantic experience with a Pop-Tart, pines with anguish. Will he meet another Pop-Tart?

Tart-Con: Judy

Judy, no slouch, is another Pop-Tart enthusiast. She has channelled her love for scrapbooking into a love for Tarts. Don't look back Judy.


Lisa's Tarts are in her head. She imagines a world made of frosting and wild berry filling.

Pop-Tarts: Sign of the Times

Seeking an irreverent take to appeal to Generation Z that can also appeal to a larger, all-ages audience, this production came about naturally. An ode to nostalgia, Americana, and the perfectly toasted Pop-Tart.

Rah-Rah Wreaths

The client, a local realtor with a significant social following, started a seasonal business offering wreath-making parties that could be easily replicated. To generate interest, she asked for a short thematic Facebook video (center) and two Instagram videos (these were produced before the duration limit was extended).

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